Feb. 17th, 2013

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I remember what I was going to post about yesterday!

This time, let's just guess what the commercial was selling, okay? I admit that these are not presented in the chronological order from within the infomercial, but if it's in quotation marks it's as close as I can remember to what they really said about it at some point. (I was writing these down as we went.) GUESS THE CONTEXT!

First, you'll want to note that this product is "quick and easy and hot!" and comes with "multiple attachments"! It also has a "swiveling head." The (male) host/demonstrator also proudly shows off that "If you notice, I've got a red tip right here!" Also of interest may be the optional attachments, including the "slimline wand" and the "comfort cradle."
One of the key benefits is that it "requires less rubbing!" and works on "both light and dark wood," and in fact, it works on "most hard surfaces." It can achieve "deep penetration" but is also suitable for very "delicate surfaces." In addition to requiring less rubbing, it also requires "just one touch" to "get going."
Obviously, you'll want to clean up anything that may have "dribbled down the side." But you'll see, as the host points out, "there's the mess, right on the rag!"
A satisfied female customer points out that she loves it, because it's "so easy to maneuver! I don't have to struggle with it!"
And of course, "if you think that's good, just wait until you see it in the shower!"


Also, I slept until 2:30 today. I are an adult.


mistressofmuses: Closeup photograph of a light pink rose. (Default)

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