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We went to another local cemetery, this time one that's been active since the late 1800s. It was pretty interesting... at least the section we spent the most time in (it's big enough that it'd take days to really go through) seemed to have more Masons and other society members than not. I took a ton of pictures, but didn't have time to upload them tonight; I'll try and do that in the next couple of days.

It was a fun day though, and the last couple days have left me feeling a little less awful about things in general, though we're still in pretty dire straits as far as what to do. Still good to have had a little bit of a mental break from dwelling on it.
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We did actually get to go out and do things today! We visited Red Rocks park, the Morrison Cemetery, and the Mt. Vernon cemetery. It was really nice to enjoy the recent good weather and to go do something fun!

I posted pictures and more detail at my hiking blog! (Photo posting is a lot easier there.) But please do check it out!

When we got back into town, Alex noticed this on his car's display:

We joked that maybe we should go buy a lottery ticket, haha.

And then we went to a Cuban restaurant that we'd been wanting to try. We split one meal, and it was quite a lot of food (though mid-range in price... too expensive for us to eat often, but certainly not outrageous.) We got saffron rice with chicken, plus plantains, which is their special for Saturdays. I loved all of it, though Alex didn't care for the plantains... so I ate his. :P It was awesome!

And now we have to run out the door.

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I feel like I have Things To Write About, but at the same time... it's pretty much just retreading the same stuff I've said for the past few weeks, ha. Family blah blah, stupid things blah blah, something about clubbing, blah blah.

I'm bummed that the weather has been SO NICE here, and yet I've had to work (or we've been busy otherwise) so I haven't gotten to enjoy it. It keeps getting up to around 60 or so (Fahrenheit). I hope it holds until one of my days off next week. It's hard to believe we were in negative temperatures (again, Fahrenheit) last week. I remember that happening during my last semester of school, though... the coldest temperature I've ever dealt with was -21 while waiting for the bus... and that was only a few days after it'd been almost 70. Colorado's weather is kind of an asshole.
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I feel like I really need to learn how to say witty and amazing things about the kind of boring day-to-day things that happen to me. Because I keep finding myself staring at blank entry boxes, with NOTHING WITTY TO SAY AT ALL. And that's clearly unacceptable.

I've got two days in a row off, though. I think I'm gonna hang out with my sister tomorrow, as she informed me that she would like me to help her paint her room. So that'll be cool.
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I'm pretty sure I JUST got home, and now we're already heading out to the club. WHERE DID THAT TIME GO? I dicked around on LJ for a little while, but not for two and a half hours, I swear!

I'm glad I don't believe aliens find me interesting enough to abduct me, or this shit would be VERY SUSPICIOUS, lol.
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We cleaned! Alex and I cleaned the kitchen (because we live with a bunch of fucking pigs who won't do a damn thing.) Seriously, we make very few dishes... and the sinks were full of shit that was getting mold and turning rancid. So. Disgusting. Alex has almost always been the one who eventually has to clean that shit up, though today we both worked on it.

And now I'm trying to 20/10 [a method from the glorious Unfuck Your Habitat, where you spend 20 minutes cleaning and then take a 10 minute break, so you don't get burned out too quickly] my way through some of the mess in our room. At least our room is mostly just MESSY and not actually FILTHY the way the kitchen was. Ugh.

We've got less than a month to find somewhere new to live, and as stressful and awful as that search and move will be, I'm really fucking looking forward to not living with the people we live with now.

After the cleaning, we'll go out again tonight... I'm hoping it'll be better than New Years Eve was. :P
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But I also have some serious political feelings. I'm not going to go into them right now, or at least not much. Most people already know them anyway.

But does Romney's "Make America the hope of the world" thing creep the everloving FUCK out of anyone else? I don't know how to exactly express the kind of spine-shuddering grossness that it inspires for me. Maybe it's that it reminds me of the really paternalistic, imperialistic mentality behind manifest destiny and the like. It definitely speaks of the idea that America is "the civilization" where the rest of the world must be comparatively "savage." And that we are Good and the rest of the world should want to be Like Us. It creeps me out to have that kind of "it's our duty to enlighten the rest of the world" rhetoric being preached. I know how incredibly overused 1984 comparisons are when it comes to politics, but it's also disturbingly Big Brother-esque to me. Kind of brainwashing, maybe. "We are wonderful and good. We are what everyone else should want to be. Other places are not good. You should not want to be like them. You must believe that we are perfect, because we are the hope of the world."

I hope that if you're in the US, and are able, that you vote tomorrow. (If you haven't already.) I filled out my ballot, and just need to drop it off tomorrow.

I'm pretty terrified for the election results, actually.


Nov. 3rd, 2012 05:44 pm
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I finally got a new glasses prescription! It's been three or four years, and my vision had deteriorated pretty badly. It was partially the fault of my messed up eyeballs, lol, but a lot of it was just that the glasses I had were in terrible condition.

But now I can see! I'm all kinds of re-amazed by the fact that trees have leaves. They aren't just undifferentiated blurs. And color is vibrant again! (The coating on my previous glasses had discolored so badly it was like looking through permanently frosted glass.) I also really like the new glasses themselves. We're going out tonight, so maybe I'll try and get a picture once I look presentable.

And hopefully the new-glasses headache will pass. :P

I'm bummed Halloween is over. It's one of my favorite holidays, and it always seems to sneak up and whoosh on past without us getting to do much. We did go to a pretty bitchin' haunted house this year. (13th Floor.) And we went out to a few club-related things, as well. But still... it feels like it just suddenly was right on top of us, and now it's over. Alas.

Man, I don't know what more to say. I suck at journalling.

Test Post?

Nov. 1st, 2012 10:26 pm
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I've had a DreamWidth account for quite a while (well... a few months) but never actually made a post. I recall thinking that it would be nice to have so I could follow a couple people who had accounts here but no Livejournal, and then... mostly forgot about it. There are a few proposed (and apparently imminent) changes to LJ that do not please me... the endless-scrolling "feed" replacing the friends' page is a major one. That particular 'feature' of infinite loading/scrolling is what makes Facebook and Tumblr all but unusable for me... my poor abused laptop overheats and shuts itself down with little provocation, and that's plenty to make it happen. If LJ starts doing the same thing, that's going to definitely bother me a whole lot.

I'm terrible at keeping a regular posting schedule. I hardly seem to use LJ, and when I have in the last few months, it's been to give links to posts I've written elsewhere. I want to write more... I just either have enough to do that I don't have time, or have time but nothing I feel is worth writing about. :P But I can always keep trying, yes?

AND. DW also has a handy crossposting feature! So even if LJ is being a buttface for me, I can still post there!

And that's part of why I'm making this post. To make sure the crossposting works, and so I can have an entry in my DW journal so I can test out some layouts and such.

Also: I know pretty much no one on Dreamwidth. Anybody else have an account? If so, I'd very much like it if you'd friend me! :D My username t/here is mistressofmuses. For the lazy, here's the link directly to my journal: http://mistressofmuses.dreamwidth.org/

If you aren't familiar with Dreamwidth, it's basically identical to more old-school Livejournal. There are a few differences, but not a ton. So um... yup. I'm not leaving LJ entirely, or anything; I'll still read friends' entries on LJ, and the crossposting means I'll still post there, too. I just feel like this site may be a much smoother experience for me.


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