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We went to another local cemetery, this time one that's been active since the late 1800s. It was pretty interesting... at least the section we spent the most time in (it's big enough that it'd take days to really go through) seemed to have more Masons and other society members than not. I took a ton of pictures, but didn't have time to upload them tonight; I'll try and do that in the next couple of days.

It was a fun day though, and the last couple days have left me feeling a little less awful about things in general, though we're still in pretty dire straits as far as what to do. Still good to have had a little bit of a mental break from dwelling on it.
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We did actually get to go out and do things today! We visited Red Rocks park, the Morrison Cemetery, and the Mt. Vernon cemetery. It was really nice to enjoy the recent good weather and to go do something fun!

I posted pictures and more detail at my hiking blog! (Photo posting is a lot easier there.) But please do check it out!

When we got back into town, Alex noticed this on his car's display:

We joked that maybe we should go buy a lottery ticket, haha.

And then we went to a Cuban restaurant that we'd been wanting to try. We split one meal, and it was quite a lot of food (though mid-range in price... too expensive for us to eat often, but certainly not outrageous.) We got saffron rice with chicken, plus plantains, which is their special for Saturdays. I loved all of it, though Alex didn't care for the plantains... so I ate his. :P It was awesome!

And now we have to run out the door.


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