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We went out and got fajitas for dinner (though we brought them home rather than eating in the restaurant) and OH MAN THEY WERE SO GOOD. SO. GOOD. And it was a crapton of food... it was a "dinner for two" thing, but I'm pretty sure it would have fed at least four. That was hours ago and I still feel overfull (but in a mostly pleasant way or at least not unpleasant.)

Bummer that tomorrow is supposed to be our nice day, and Sunday it may snow again, since Sunday is my day off. I'm feeling a little crazy lately, and I think it's partially from not going out to do much. The internship does break the monotony of my normal work week nicely, but it's still doing work... it's not the same as getting out and doing something entirely recreational. I also realized that I think I forgot to sign out on Thursday... oops.

Ugh... in general still just not feeling real well. Still probably a lot of stress, probably combined with mundane things like *having no time for the sun* and *thinking three hours of sleep per night is reasonable.* It's getting frustrating, though.

Unrelated to everything, I've been reading lots of creepypasta over the last few days. Some of them are really good, but I do wonder when the trend toward practically novella length stories started. I mean, creepypasta has only been a thing I was aware of for... a year or two, maybe? But while the stories that are now usually considered the "best" are often really good, they aren't what I generally thought creepypasta was supposed to be. I enjoyed the ultra-short fiction aspect (thought the semi-related long-form ARG/character blogs/slow descent into horror installment stories/etc. have always been fun, too.) A lot of the new ones I'm seeing look more like traditional short stories, even though many of them are quite good. Much as I adore a well-crafted creepy short story, especially if it succeeds in drawing some tension out over the equivalent of 10 or 20 pages, I think it takes a different skill set to get that kind of creepy impact in half a page. Ah well, I enjoy them all, so I'm not really complaining too hard.


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