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But I also have some serious political feelings. I'm not going to go into them right now, or at least not much. Most people already know them anyway.

But does Romney's "Make America the hope of the world" thing creep the everloving FUCK out of anyone else? I don't know how to exactly express the kind of spine-shuddering grossness that it inspires for me. Maybe it's that it reminds me of the really paternalistic, imperialistic mentality behind manifest destiny and the like. It definitely speaks of the idea that America is "the civilization" where the rest of the world must be comparatively "savage." And that we are Good and the rest of the world should want to be Like Us. It creeps me out to have that kind of "it's our duty to enlighten the rest of the world" rhetoric being preached. I know how incredibly overused 1984 comparisons are when it comes to politics, but it's also disturbingly Big Brother-esque to me. Kind of brainwashing, maybe. "We are wonderful and good. We are what everyone else should want to be. Other places are not good. You should not want to be like them. You must believe that we are perfect, because we are the hope of the world."

I hope that if you're in the US, and are able, that you vote tomorrow. (If you haven't already.) I filled out my ballot, and just need to drop it off tomorrow.

I'm pretty terrified for the election results, actually.


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