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Birthdate:Mar 11
I'm Katy. I'm awful at filling out bio things like this. Um... I'm a semi-recent college grad, with a degree in anthropology. I enjoy "quiet" pasttimes like reading, watching movies, and playing video games. I also enjoy less quiet things like clubbing and hiking.

I VERY much would like some friends who are active on Dreamwidth! Feel free to add me, and I'll likely add you back!

You can find me in a few other places around the internet:

My Livejournal I may import the entries from there to here... or not. I'm not sure yet. LJ as a site is changing direction, and that's why I'm moving here to DW. I will be crossposting most of what I write on this site over to there, as well.

My Tumblr The site sometimes overworks my computer, so I'm not especially active on there. I go through phases where I'm all over it, though.

HorrorMuse: my horror review blog I review horror movies (and maybe other horror-related things.) Trying to figure out a good posting schedule, though I haven't found one to stick to, yet. Maybe Monday/Thursday?

OutdoorMuse: my hiking blog This is where I put any "outdoorsy" posts, since it's easier to do image-heavy posts on blogger. It's mostly pictures from hikes we've taken, but other things show up there, too.

I also have a Facebook, which you can ask me for, if you want it.
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